Gary Olerud Memorial Top Spinning Contest
A. There will be two classes of tops;

  1. Using your fingers to spin the tops
  2. String pull to launched tops.
    The Top
    B. All tops must be made from wood (your choice of wood) including the tips. Tips should
    be rounded to not damage the table. Tops must be made on a wood lathe by the individual
    entering the contest.
    Finger spin tops must be made within the following tolerances:
    Minimum diameter: 1.5″
    Maximum diameter: 2″
    Maximum Overall Height: 2.5”
    String Launched tops must be made within the following tolerances:
    Minimum diameter: 1.75″
    Maximum Diameter: 2.5″
    Minimum Overall Height: 3.25”
    All tops must be finished with a food/child safe finish. We are hoping you will
    donate your top to the club. It is our goal to have more tops to donate along with
    our “Beads of Courage Boxes”
    Contest Rules.
    C. Each contestant shall have two timed spins. In the case of an unsuccessful attempt, each
    contestant will have a second chance to achieve a successful spin.
    The finger spin top will be spun by hand with no other aids.
    The string spin top will be spun by use of a string to spin the top.
    D. Time
    Each spin will be timed from the time the top hits the table to the time the top comes to a
    complete stop.
    There will be two timers, one from the contest host, the other may be chosen by the
    contestant or competing club.
    The time of each spin will be the average time of the two timers.
    The best time of the two spins will be the recorded time.
    E. Judges
    There will be two judges, one or both appointed by the contest host. One judge may be
    chosen by the competing club.
    F. Winners
    Winners in each category will be determined by the longest time recorded.
    In the case of official contest an entry fee of $5.00 will be charged
    The proceeds will be equally divided between the two categories to be donated to their
    respective club or the Children’s charity of their choice.