Stateline Woodturners
December, 2008 4th Saturday
4th Saturday at Mark Ost’s was one of the best we have had in terms of attendance.
Dave Strickland followed up on his hollowing demo at the club meeting with a little
hands on. Kurt Bird discussed skew sharpening with a number of members who left
with newly sharpened tools. We also talked about how to turn a necklace pendant with
off center turning. Nophachai brought a handmade, one of a kind, clarinet for everyone
to see. There were videos to watch, wood to buy, good food and great company. What
more could you ask for?

We welcome any and all suggestions on demos you would like to see at 4th Saturday.
There is a club member knowledgeable about almost any topic you can pick in
woodturning, so just bring up a suggestion!