Stateline Woodturners
December 2007 Meeting
The December 8th meeting at the Jones Center was well attended, even after the minor
confusion about which room we were going to occupy.

The Christmas party will be at Mark Ost’s home on December 15th, from 11:00 AM to 1:
30 PM. The cost is $10 per head for the catering. Don’t forget there will be a gift
exchange, preferably a turned item, and whoever brings an item will be able to choose an
item to take home. I expect we will see a wide variety of gifts!

If you haven’t paid your dues for 2008, please try to get them to Harold Stoner as quickly
as possible. Thanks.

Mark Ost received the President’s Award for the club member who contributed the most
to the club during 2007. In addition, Harold Stoner received the Cunningham Award as the
Best Turner for 2007. Since this is determined by club vote, Harold should be rightfully
proud to be the recipient! Congratulations to both members!

Jim King and Donna Whittle were both recognized for their contributions as President and
Secretary/Treasurer during their terms. Thanks again for your dedicated service!

The club will be making a donation to the Jones Center in appreciation of their contribution
to the club in the way of meeting and storage space for our regular club meetings.

There will be a silent auction at the January meeting for a number of items donated by
Kathy Wine (Joel Wine). Any questions about these items should be forwarded to Kurt

The demo program was on Christmas tree ornaments in the shape of a tree. Kip Powers
performed the demo, and it was followed by a spirited turning race, which had two
winners: Art Duell won the aesthetic section, and Doug Hyde won the speed section. Way
to go, turners, and thanks for the great entertainment overall.

We look forward to seeing everyone at Mark’s or the next meeting. Happy Holidays to All
from Stateline Woodturners!\

Mark Ost
Mark Ost
Ron East
Ron East
Looks like Roger Valek scared the
competition off!
Harold accepts the Cunningham award!
Mark accepts the President's award!
Kip explains the procedure
for making a Christmas tree.
Mark Ost and Art Duell racing to
finish their trees!
Kurt Bird and Jim King working
on their trees!