Stateline Woodturners
November 2007 4th Saturday
The November 24th meeting at Mark Ost’s shop was well attended, with
roughly 2
0 members enjoying the camaraderie and the hands on. The big
interest item was
Harold Stoner doing a bowl turning demo. The bowl was
turned from square stock, oriented along diagonal corners. This results in
an interesting edge, plus holes in the flat surfaces!

As usual, Dee was also demonstrating turning a small natural edge bowl,
and Doug Hyde was demonstrating a chattering tool.

All in all it was another good tim
e in the Missouri Ozarks.

See everyone at the club meeting on 1
2/8 at the Jones Center in
Springdale .
Lots of good conversation along
with the other activities.
Harold  demonstrates his bowl with
Doug's doing some chatter work.
My gosh, Dee...that's an awful big
chuck on that little lathe!!
Dave says that you can't use too
much CA on those punky pieces!!
One of Becci's pieces gets a
critical once over!
Another of Becci's beautiful pieces!