Stateline Woodturners
November 2007 Meeting
This was a busy meeting! After the meeting was opened, we introduced our visitors,
including Mr. Tom Farrell from the AAW South Plains Woodturners chapter in Lubbock ,
Texas . It is very possible that Tom will be back to do a demonstration for us.

The 2007 Christmas Party will be at Mark Ost’s house on December 15th, from 11:00 AM
to 1:30 PM. The party will be catered, $10 per head, and don’t forget to bring a present
for the gift exchange.

The board members met this week to discuss the 2008 Programs, which will include Mike
Mahoney in April! In addition, plans are underway to offer four demonstrations by club
turners, at least four demos by out of club turners, and we are working on having one
additional national turner, budget permitting. Any ideas from the membership for fund
raising activities to support our programs would be greatly appreciated. Also, any ideas
for a 2008 AAW Symposium Chapter submission design are welcome. We may be
offering a contest incentive to the Art department at the U of A for design submissions.

The safety session brought to light a number of hazards we should all look out for!

Show and Tell had excellent participation, and concluded with the Novice Turner of the
Month awarded to Garrie Carter and the Advanced Turner of the Month to Doug Hyde.
Congratulations to both!

Voting was held for the Cunningham Turner of the Year award, and the results will be
announced at the December meeting, along with the President’s award from Jim King,
past President.

Just a reminder to all: the 2008 membership dues are due at the December meeting.
Thanks for your cooperation!

The second half of the meeting was a demonstration of peppermill turning by Kurt Bird,
from raw blank to finished assembly, along with a tip on how to properly size the mill shaft
to fit individual designs. There was lively participation from the members!
Arthur Duell
Arthur Duell
Arthur Duell
Carroll Jones
Carroll Jones
Carroll Jones
Doug Hyde
Doug Hyde
Doug Hyde
Doug Hyde
Garrie Carter
Harold Stoner
Kurt Bird
Mark Ost
Roy Radscheweit
Kurt Bird Making a Peppermill
Rounding off the billet.
Cutting the final shape after
drilling out the center
Shaping the top!
Fitting the pieces together.