October, 2015 Meeting
Meeting was called to order by Ben Johnson, VP.  There were no guests this month.
The December meeting will be the annual Christmas party.  We are currently still working on
a location/date/time.  We should be able to email all member by 11/18 with this information.
In addition, since the fourth Saturday falls on holiday weekends in November and December,
we will not be having our fourth Saturday meetings in Pineville until January.  I need
demonstrators for these meetings so let me know what you can share and I’ll plug you into
the schedule.
We had a great safety session.  I know I learned a lot, and got reminded of other things.  It
never hurts to cover the basics.  Gary reminded us of the need to concentrate when working
on a table saw, and not to use Plexiglas for a pushstick.  Les showed us how just
mishandling a screwdriver can having you reaching for the CA glue.  Ken reminded us that
setting the saw blade height correctly can possibly let you keep your fingers for the next
project.  We also discussed having a SawStop demo at a meeting.  I would appreciate more
feedback from all members as to if you feel this is a good idea and appropriate to the club’s
There was discussion on the April meeting with national turner, Trent Bosch.  At this time it
looks like we will offer a 1-day session in Pineville MO, followed by a 2-day intensive in
Pineville.  The all-day Saturday session will cost $25 for members and $35 for non-
members.  The Pineville sessions will be approximately $100 per day.  We will require a
deposit at the January meeting so that we can firm up a headcount as well as the schedule.
We still have several members who have not gotten their pictures taken for the club photo
directory.  Please try to make that happen at the January meeting so we can finish this
Les mentioned two international groups of interest; Woodturners of the Globe (which I could
not find), and Woodturners of the World (which is a Facebook site). A google search turned
up “World of Woodturners at www.thewows.com.  So, I’m as confused as ever, especially
since I don’t “facebook.”
The raffle was great.  Every ticket a winner!  So the following people are now on tap for the
next bring back: Kip, Les, Roger, Wem, Ben, Buzz, Gary, Ron, Thurman H., Bruce (twice),
and Verlie.  I want to encourage each to bring something you’ve made.  Our raffles are much
better when we have items made by club members in the mix.
Show-n-tell was excellent!  I appreciate everyone who brought something to show for
Christmas gifts.  I got several good ideas.  It has been suggested that we make the
November Show-n-tell the main part of our program that month and focus on Christmas gifts
that are quick and easy.  I would appreciate feedback on this idea as well.
Dan McKenzie demonstrated a quick-n-easy project using the push-button pepper mill kits
from PSI.  He also showed us how to turn an ornamental pen from a cheap Bic pen.  Dan
showed the finish product from the piece he was demonstrating last month, as well as some
pieces from the Trent Bosch classes he attended in Tulsa this past month.  Thanks to Dan
for filling in for the injured Gary.
January’s demonstrator will be Mike Hunter of Hunter Tools, huntertoolsystems.com.  He will
demonstrate a couple of projects, as well as having tools available for purchase.
Our winners from Show-n-Tell were L.H. Moore in the Novice category for his excellent
segmented pieces, and Bob Anastasi in the Advanced.  These guys are now the judges for
the January meeting.
We had two members donate books for our library, but I failed to write it down. I would
encourage everyone to look around their shop/library for books and videos that you could
donate to the club and share the knowledge.
I’m sure there’s lots I’ve already forgotten.  My thanks to all club members for helping me
through conducting my first meeting.  You guys make it easy.
Ben Johnson

There will not be a 4th Saturday meeting due to the Christmas holidays!
Stateline Woodturners
Arvis Tatom
Arvis Tatom
Arvis Tatom
Bob Anastasi
Bob Anastasi
Bob Anastasi
Bob Anastasi
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Bruce Reed
Bruce Reed
Bruce Reed
Bruce Reed
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