Stateline Woodturners
November, 2009 Meeting
Our November, 2009 meeting was an all day affair featuring Alan Lacer as guest

On the following Sunday and Monday, limited attendance classes were held at Mark
Ost's shop in Pineville.

The following are pictures of activities at the events.
Saturday Meeting Activities
Class Activities on Sunday & Monday
Alan Lacer, our guest demonstrator
A great turnout for the meeting!
Frank & Kurt sharing thoughts.
Examples of Alan's small turnings.
Alan's DVDs and other materials available for purchase.
Mark Ost will have a price list at 4thSatureday.
Miniature tops-turned with 1 3/8" skew!!
Oval turnings done using new Vicmarc
Oval Chuck.
Marbled eggs.
Marbled tops.
Alan's homemade awl.
Homemade carbide burnisher.
Alan with his ubiquitous skew!
Alan discusses sharpening techniques.
Specifics on tool control.
"OK guys, pay attention!!"
Sharpening an awl point.
The class at "attention".
Grinding a hook tool.