Stateline Woodturners
October, 2010 4th Saturday
October 2010 4th Saturday get-together had lots of activity.

Doug Hyde demonstrated turning a "magic", or " tornado" salt shaker.

Bob Schmitz did some inside-out turning.

Tom Gilge provided help to Maggie Gorishek on finishing a spindle turning.

Dave Strickland provided a mini seminar on finishing bowls, hollow forms and platters.

The club Board held a short meeting to discuss the Christmas party and audio/visual
equipment for the club.

Some pictures of the activities are shown below.
Paul's small hollow form, with William looking on.
The usual BS session before the
Tom is discussing spindle turning
Show & Tell
Doug at work on his salt shaker.
Bob at work on his inside out project.
Dave is pondering the finishing of a
square bowl.
A short Board meeting!
You need to protect those lungs!