Stateline Woodturners
October 2008 4th Saturday
The October 25th meeting at Mark Ost’s shop was very well attended,
with roughly 25 members enjoying the camaraderie and the hands on.
Demonstrators included Almeta Robertson doing some hollowing and
demonstrating a burnishing tool, Kurt Bird making a glue brush, and Harold
Stoner putting finish on a bowl.

Just a reminder! Mark still has the bandsaw, drill press, and air
compressor from Ray Tiller's shop for sale. These are really top quality
items at a bargain price!!!
Kurt is drawing a crowd with his
glue brush project!
Even the "back room" was
wall-to-wall turners and guests!
Looks like Arthur is checking the
finish on the inside of Almeta's
hollow form.
Looks like Harold is cranking up
the speed for this operation.
Tom is checking the finish also!!!