Stateline Woodturners
October 2007 4th Saturday
The October 27th meeting at Mark Ost’s shop was well attended, with
roughly 25 members enjoying the camaraderie and the hands on. The big
interest item was Andy Hilton doing a bowl turning demo, and a number of
people got the chance for some one on one instruction. Andy does a great
As usual, there was other turning going on in the background, including
Chris Ost and a zebrawood finial.

All in all it was another good time, some learning along with, in the Missouri

See everyone at the club meeting on 11/10 at the Jones Center in
Springdale .
How does this work?
Well. you're supposed to polish
this part!
Well, we're all feeling fine about
this whole operation!
Doug seems to have something to
say about this subject!
Chris is holding court on finials!!!
Andy Hilton is demonstrating some
of the fine points of bowl turning.