Stateline Woodturners
October 2007 Meeting
The October 13th meeting was well attended, and included one visitor. We opened up
with the annual election of officers, and after a short discussion, the following officers
were elected, and immediately began their duties:
                              Kurt Bird – President
                              Ron East – Vice President
                              Harold Stoner – Secretary/Treasurer
                              David Morris – Program Chairman
Board members elected included Jim King, Doug Hyde, Bob Schmitz, and Roger Valek.
Kip Powers has volunteered to act as Librarian.

After the club business was conducted, the program was opened with Mr. Wright Pillow,
Director of the Arkansas Craft Guild, and a woodturner specializing in turning serving
platters and vessels incorporating intarsia-like designs that are completely through the
piece. After turning, the design can be seen from the top and bottom. The pieces are
epoxied in place in a manner that makes each scroll sawn piece look as if it has a border.
There was a lot of interest in his methods and designs, and excellent participation from
the club.

Mr. Pillow also encouraged anyone interested to join the Arkansas Craft Guild.
No classes were held after the meeting this month.

See you at the 4th Saturday at Mark Ost’s.
Kurt takes the reins
Now, that is an attentive
group! Wake up Ray!!!
(Click to enlarge the picture!)
Arthur explains about knives
in trees, and broken
Segmented Tops
Kurt Bird-Bocote & Ebony
Mark Ost-Cherry & Blackwood
Mark Ost-Butternut w/Holly Finial
Kurt Bird-Bubinga
Kip Powers -Ambrosia Maple
Kip Powers-Oak Gall
Kip Powers-Dyed Maple
Kip Powers-Dyed Maple
Kip Powers-Dyed Maple
Kip Powers-Dyed Maple
Kip Powers-Dyed Maple
Mick Hutchinson-Cedar
Mick Hutchinson-Cerry/yellowheart/canary/satinwood/bloodwood
Mick Hutchinson-Norfolk Island Pine
Roger Valek-Black Ash
Roger Valek-Black Ash
Wright Pillow & His Work