October, 2015 Meeting
Ladies and Gentlemen,
We had a good turnout for the meeting on Saturday, October 10.  Dan McKenzie was our
guest demonstrator and though there were some minor problems with the piece he was
turning (problems we have all experienced)  he gave an excellent demonstration and also
had on display a number of beautiful pieces that he had previously made.  Dan did send me
an email  following the meeting  saying he had remounted the piece on his own lathe when
he got back home and was able to complete the piece.  He said he will bring it the next time
he is able to join us for a meeting to show us the final product.  Thanks to Dan for his
demonstration and for his input on safety issues and other items discussed.  

4th Saturday is scheduled for next Saturday, October 24 in Pineville.  If you have something
you would like demonstrated or would like to volunteer to demonstrate please let Ben
Johnson know.

Some members paid their club dues at the meeting on the 10th.  Please remember to pay
your dues, if you have not already done so, at the November meeting as they are due at that

As always there were a number of excellent pieces presented for Show and Tell.  Thurman
Hatch was selected for the Novice Turner award and Paul Moore was selected for the
Advanced Turner award and they will be the judges for the items presented in November.  
Regarding Show and Tell it was restated that you are considered a Novice Turner until you
have won three times then you must move up to the Advanced class.  I will totally take the
blame for the confusion on the fact that the past couple of months Novice classed turners
have won Advanced Awards.  Their work definitely was the quality that it deserved the
award but it was not following the rules for the Show and Tell presentations.  It was decided
that in the future we will have the shelves labeled and have members that are eligible for
novice awards place their pieces on the Novice shelves and the members that are in the
Advanced category place their pieces on the Advanced shelves.  i will make up some signs
to place on the shelves and will have them at the November meeting.  I apologize for the
confusion on my part.

We had one of the best Bring-Back Raffles we have had in a long time.  This appears to be
the reason.  Gary Olerud volunteered to sell tickets prior to the meeting.  Before the meeting
he had only sold probably five or six tickets.  As members came in to attend the meeting
some members brought in very nice pieces they had turned and placed them on the
Bring-Back table.  I know Gary had a piece, Mick had a piece, and Thurman Hatch had at
least three pieces and I believe there were others.  What is interesting is that when we
decided to take our break Gary said he would be selling tickets during the break and prior to
the Bring-Back drawing.  More tickets were sold during the break than prior to the meeting
and we believe it is because of the number of turned items that were available for prizes.  My
reason for stating this is, and this has been indicated in the past, is that the Bring-Back
Raffle returns should be pieces that members have made not just something you pick up at
the last minute and bring to the meeting.  I know I have been lucky over the years, when my
number has been selected, to have been able to pick pieces produced by Gary, MIck, and
Dr. Mark Ost.  These are items I really cherish and am proud to display and show off to my

The Bring-Back winners in October are listed below and they will be responsible for bringing
in a piece for the raffle in November.

Bruce Reed
Jim King
Ben Johnson
Ron East
Gary Olerud (2)
Buzz Peine
Roy Drake
Dick Lee
Thurman Crocker
Mick Hutchinson
Ken Miller
Paul Moore
John Harris
Tom Parish

Thanks to everyone that helped with the setup of the room prior to the meeting and the
cleanup of the room following the meeting.  All assistance is truly appreciated.

The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, November 14.  Gary Olerud is the scheduled
demonstrator for the meeting.  Hope to see you all then.

Ron East
Stateline Woodturners
Arvis Tatom
Arvis Tatom
Arvis Tatom
Arvis Tatom
Bob Bumgardner
Bruce Reed
Bruce Reed
Gary Olerud
Roy Radscheweit
Thurman Hatch
Thurman Hatch
Mick Hutchinson
Mick Hutchinson
Paul Moore