Stateline Woodturners
September, 2009 4th Saturday
We had the usual variety of activities at this month's "4th Saturday" get together.

Doug Hyde demonstrated bowl turning.

Mick Hutchinson demonstrated some of the techniques he uses to prepare and true-up
"rings" for his segmented work.

Jim King demonstrated turning a small postage stamp box for holding rolls of postage

Kurt Bird brought some new tools and handles to show to the members.

Almeta Robertson demonstrated the application of dye to several pieces.

Guy Baughler demonstrated embossing a PVC handle using a metalworking lathe.

Some pictures of the activities are shown below.
Almeta applies stain to a bowl.
The staining results varied!!
Jim is turning the stamp box.
Jim uses a router bit in the drill press,
with a crossfeed vise to cut a slot.
Mick prepares to mount a ring on the
Doug is hard at work on his bowl.
Kurt passes the newly sharpened tool to
as Guy looks on.
Guy is setting up to emboss the tool
Once it is setup, the embossing only
takes about two minutes!
Show and Tell Items