Stateline Woodturners
September 2008 4th Saturday
Our September "4th Saturday" meeting was a success, as usual!

Harold Stoner and Dave Strickland demonstrated their bowl finishing techniques,
and provided an opportunity for "hands on" practice.

Doug Hyde explained his fixture for routing out "V" grooves in turned pieces in
preparation for inlaying contrasting wood.

Dee Schroeder provided his usual advice, demonstration, and hands-on training in
various areas.

There were also tool and wood sales, benefitting the club and Ray Tiller's widow.
Dave Strickland goes over the basics of
sanding a piece to obtain the best finish
with a reasonable amount of effort.
Harold is demonstrating his
technique for finishing a bowl.
Dee is providing instruction at
one of the big lathes.
Doug explains his inlay process to
Kurt, Arthur, and Billy.
Doug's homemade fixture for routing out the turned piece
prior to inlaying.
A sample of some of the "show
and tell" items.