Stateline Woodturners
September 2007 4th Saturday
Our September 4th Saturday meeting was, as usual, a potpourri of various
turning demos and activities. We had a great turnout, and every one tried
their hand at the various turning projects. Dee Schroeder helped Ron East
with a winged bowl, Mick Hutchinson demonstrated turning a segmented
top, and Arthur Duell demonstrated turning a long desk pen. Thanks again
to Mark Ost and Doug Hyde for leading this activity!!!
Dee is getting Ron started
on the winged bowl using
Dee's explaining some of
the finer points with the
onlookers ("You have to
turn it really fast so you
don't get a catch").
Mick is setting up to
demonstrate turning a
segmented top. Look at
that concentration!!
This is truly a spinning top!
Explaining some of the finer
points of segmented top
Neat, huh?
Arthur, spindle turner
You can do it Arthur's way,
or hit the highway!