September, 2015
New officers and board members will be introduced and take over their new positions at the
October 10th meeting.  The new officers and board members are as follows:

Michael Guidry - President
Ben Johnson - Vice-President and Program Chairman for local monthly events
Ken Ness - Treasurer
Les Brandt - Program Chairman for National Recognize Demonstrator Events

Board Members
Ron East - Past-President board member
Gary Olerud (current board member)
Verlie Coss (new board member)
John Schweer (new board member)

A special thanks to the current officers and board members that have supported me as
President and the club during this past fiscal year.

Arthur Duell's article on Modifications to the Shopsmith is on the website for your review.

Club dues will be due in November.  They are $35.00 for a single membership or $45.00 for
a family membership.  

Trent Bosch will be doing an all-day demonstration for the club on Saturday, April 9, 2016.  
He will also be conducting hands-on classes on Sunday, April 10, Monday, April 11, and
possibly on Tuesday, April 12 depending upon how many members sign up for the classes.  
I know a number of members have already shown an interest in attending one or more of
Trent's classes so if you are interested please let Les Brandt or me know ASAP.  If we do
not fill the classes from our membership we will open it up to members from other clubs in
the area.  Charges for the meeting and for the classes are yet to be determined.

We discussed whether we wanted to have a Christmas Party this year as we have had in
the past.  By a show-of-hands it was decided that we would tentatively plan on having the
party the second Saturday in December rather than having our regular meeting at the Jone's

Jim King gave a great demo on the use of many of the turning tools that are used by all of us
on a regular basis.  Jim explained the different metals that are used in the tools, and the
difference that the metals can make in the quality of the tools especially the ease of
sharpening and ability to hold an sharp edge.  He also discussed the different methods of
sharpening and honing using variable-speed grinders, belt sanders type sharpeners,
Tormek (Wet-sharpers) etc.  One thing mentioned was the use of the newer CBN wheels to
replace the standard grinding wheels.  Some members already have grinders set up with
CBN wheels and have found the benefits of using them such as not having to ever dress the
wheels.  There are many sources for the wheels, Craft Supply, Packard, and also
WoodturnersWonders.  I, and other members of the club have CBN wheels from this
company and they make an excellent product.  If you would like to check their website, the
website address is
- - or if you would like to talk directly with them their number is
678-442-9454.  For those of you attending the 4th Saturday meeting there is a grinder in
Mark's shop that has a CBN wheel if you would like to see one in use.

Show and Tell winners for the September meeting were Thurman Hatch, Advanced winner,
and Brian Jackson, one of our newer members was the Novice winner.  These gentlemen
will be the judges for the Show and Tell pieces in October.

Winners in the Bring-Back Raffle were
Bob Schmitz
Guy Braughler
Thurman Hatch
Verlie Coss
Bob Maxwell
Buzz Peine
Ben Johnson
John Harris

These members will be responsible for bring an item to the October meeting for the raffle.

Hope to see many of you this Saturday in Pineville.
Stateline Woodturners
Bob Anastasi
Bob Anastasi
Bob Anastasi
Bob Maxwell
Bob Maxwell
Bob Maxwell
Bob Maxwell
Thurman Hatch