Stateline Woodturners
August, 2009 4th Saturday
We had several demos going, all at the same time! Doug Hyde demonstrated turning a
spatula, and finishing it up on the band saw and belt sander.

Kurt Bird demonstrated turning a osage orange handle for an ice cream scoop.

Almeta Robertson demonstrated use of the Geiger wheel dressing tool for truing up
grinding wheels.

Kip Powers demonstrated how he turns miniatures.

Dee Schroeder gave tips and hands on instruction on basic spindle turning.

Mick Hutchinson demonstrated cutting and assembling of special designs for use on
segmented turnings.

Mark Ost demonstrated use of the Sorby eccentric chuck.

Some pictures of the activities are shown below.
Everyone is heading to the shop area.
While a few are finishing their coffee!!
Almeta dresses Mark's grinding wheels.
While some participants enjoyed the
beautiful weather outside the shop.
Kip admires Kurt's Beau d'Art handled
ice cream scoop.
Some of the "Show & Tell" items.
More "Show & Tell".
Mark Ost's demo piece from the Sorby
eccentric chuck!
Harold Stoner is getting serious about
the Sorby chuck details!
Some of Kip's small turnings.
Some of Doug Hyde's spatulas.
Boy!...these guys really look serious!!
Dee teaches young and old alike!!