Stateline Woodturners
August, 2007 Newsletter

Stateline Woodturners
August, 2007

Our July 14th meeting featured an egg cup turning contest. Most of the members present
participated, with three lathes running simultaneously. Two prizes were awarded, one for
the shortest time, and one for the most attractive cup. Kip Powers won the award for the
best looking cup and Jim King won the award for the fastest turning. As usual, pictures
of the activities and show and tell items can be viewed on our website at “www.” on the July Meeting page. Thanks again to Mark Ost and
David Evans for providing the gallery, show and tell, and meeting photos.

The 4th Saturday meeting at Mark Ost’s shop was a potpourri of turning activities. We
had a record crowd of 28 folks present! This activity continues to provide an opportunity
for hands-on instruction for both new and experienced turners.

Our program for the August 11th meeting is, at the moment, a mystery! I will update our
website and send out an E-Mail as soon as the program arrangements are firmed up.

Don’t forget to bring your “Show and Tell” pieces to the meeting to share with others.

Kip still needs additional pieces to put in our display case at the Rogers activity center. If
at all possible, please leave your show and tell or other pieces for Kip at the meeting on

After the regular meeting on Saturday, we will have our first turning class for the public in
our meeting room at the Jones Center. It will be from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Any and all
who would like to help out with the classes or cleanup are invited!!

See you on the 11th!