August, 2015 Meeting
The club is planning to participate/demonstrate in the Woodcarver's Show at the Frisco Mall
in Rogers on September 12 and 13th,  We will need volunteers for both days for the demo.  
The 12th is the same day as or September meeting so some of us will be going over after
the meeting.  Please let Paul Moore or me know if you can assist one or both days.  Also, a
reminder, if you have items you would like to sell table are available.  Information on this
event can be found at the following website address

Joy again took photos of members for the club directory that we are planning on putting
together.  If you have not had your picture taken please do so at the next meeting.

Jim King presented the club business cards that he designed based on input from other club
members.  As far as I know there were no objections to the design indicated so we will
proceed with having these cards produced.  Thanks to Jim for his work in designing the

Collection of club dues for the next fiscal year will be in November.  Please start saving your
pennies now.  

New officers and board members will take their new positions at the October 10 meeting.  
The board will present the slate of officers at the next meeting.  We are in need of a member
to fill the Vice-President's position.  Since the Program Chairman's position, as it is currently
described, is so time consuming trying to arrange regular monthly demonstrations and also
contact and make arrangements for demonstrations and training classes by regionally and
nationally recognize turners the board decided to split up the duties between the new
Vice-President and a Program Chairman. The Program Chairman will handle only the
regional and national turners.  Les Brandt, since he has a great resource list of professional
turners, has agreed to stay in the Program Managers position. The Vice-President's position
will now be responsible for  handling the arrangement of monthly demonstrators (club
members) and setting up the 4th Saturday meetings/demos.  PLEASE, we need someone to
step up and volunteer to fill this position.

There were a lot of nice pieces shown and talked about during Show and Tell.  A number of
pieces shown were by members that have been attending Mick Hutchinson's segmented
turning classes and the results of Mick's expertise and teaching ability are showing in the
pieces being presented.  Thanks to Kurt Bird for filling in as the judge for Show and Tell.  
Kurt selected Gary Olerud for the Advanced Turners award and Bruce Reed for the Novice
Turners award for the month of August.  Both pieces were segmented works. These two
gentlemen will be the judges for the Show and Tell pieces in September.  Please remember
to bring your pieces to the next meeting in September for Show and Tell.

Les Brandt, our current program chairman, presented another of his excellent, entertaining,
informative demonstrations.  He did show, as an instructional moment, the results, that even
an experienced turner like himself can get, from the occasional "catch" and having a piece
come off of the lathe and break.  Luckily Les was not hurt when a large piece he was turning
did come off of his lathe. I do believe though he said he is now minus a light in his shop.

The regular demo by Les incorporated his many talents of turning, decorating, painting, and
carving a piece.  He turned a platter from a dry piece of wood (he used hard maple for the
demo) showing how he mounts, what will be the top of the platter on a face plate, them turns
and finishes the bottom of the piece. One step of completing his work on the bottom was to
turn a recess in the bottom of the piece, rather than a tenon, so he could remount the piece
on a chuck and then complete work on the top of the piece.  When turning the recess Les
was very careful in determining the width of the recess so the jaws of the chuck would need
to be open only a minimal distance so as not to mar the surface of the wood.  After turning
the top of the platter Les demonstrated the methods of painting and decorating the platter.  If
you were not at the meeting and did not get to see the demo by Les there is a youtube link
https://youtube/gVDXCs5kh3k showing a similar/like demo he did for the Springfield, MO
His demo at our meeting is on you tube at

Hope to see you this Saturday in Pineville or at our at our regular meeting next month on
September 12.
Stateline Woodturners
Bruce Reed
Bruce Reed
Bruce Reed
Bruce Reed
Bruce Reed
Gary Olerud
Gary Olerud
Gary Olerud
Gary Olerud
Gary Olerud
Les Brandt
Les Brandt
Thurman Hatch
Thurman Hatch
Thurman Hatch
Thurman Hatch
Thurman Hatch
Ron East
Ron East
Ron East
Ron East
Les' Demo