Stateline Woodturners
July, 2011 4th Saturday Meeting
The summer heat is still upon us, and the rest of the central states!
Nonetheless, we still had a reasonable turnout for our July 4th Saturday

Harold Stoner demonstrated a number of different finishing techniques.
Since some of the work involved spray finishes, the demo took place
outside of the shop, in the oppressive heat! Thanks to all for putting up with
the uncomfortable situation.

Kip Powers demonstrated deep hollowing on a small vessel.

William Moore demonstrated his pen turning expertise on some fortified
wood blanks.

Jim King demonstrated turning a peppermill from dogwood, including the
use of some unique jigs and fixtures.

Pictures of the activities, courtesy of Mark Ost, follow.
Harold demonstrating some
finishing techniques.
Kip getting prepared to hollow.
Wiiliam turning the pen blanks.
Jim working on his peppermill.
Les in discussions over a bowl!