Stateline Woodturners
July 2007 4th Saturday Meeting
Our July 4th Saturday meeting was, as usual, a potpourri of various turning
demos and activities. We had a great turnout, and every one tried their
hand at the various turning projects. Thanks again to Mark Ost and Doug
Hyde for leading this activity!!!
Well, I guess we're just
waiting for the activities to
get underway!
Don't just stand there, do
Dee is demonstrating
something, as usual!!
This steady rest would be a
lot more steady on a lathe
bed than on a can!!!
Come on Kurt, get it fixed
so we can see this new
piece of machinery in action.
Dee must be working his
magic again.
Where's my Mama?
A little spindle turning!
Kip's doing a little spindle
turning also!!