Stateline Woodturners
July, 2007 Newsletter
Stateline Woodturners
July, 2007

Our June 9th meeting featured Donna Whittle and David Morris demonstrating marbling
techniques. This intricate and delicate process was well explained and several pieces
were marbled during the presentation. An overview of the process, in pictures, can be
viewed on our website on the June Meeting page. Thanks again to Mark Ost and David
Evans for providing the gallery, show and tell, and meeting photos. Bring Back Raffle
winners were Kip Powers, Harold Stoner, Mick Hutchinson, Tom Galbraith, Jim King ,
and (can’t remember…I’ve got to start writing these down!).

The 4th Saturday meeting at Mark Ost’s shop featured demonstrations of turning a
segmented Christmas ornament by Mick Hutchinson, a multi-ring (from one piece of
plywood!) bowl by Arthur Duell and ornamental lathe turnings by Dee Schroeder.There
was a good turnout by the members, and, as usual, much hands-on activity.

Our program for the July 14th meeting is, at the moment, a mystery! I will update our
website and send out an E-Mail as soon as the program arrangements are firmed up.

Don’t forget to bring your “Show and Tell” pieces to the meeting to share with others.

Kip will also be returning items from the Rogers Activity Center. Please bring some
personal pieces for display at the activity center for the next few months. Remember,
your items will be identified (if desired) and contact information provided.

Another reminder, we are still collecting turned toy items for that project. Ray Weddell
would really appreciate some help in providing these items to Andy Hilton for

See you on the 14th!