Stateline Woodturners
July, 2010 Meeting
We had 37 members in attendance at our July membership meeting.

Our president, Kurt Bird, brought the members up to date on the recent AAW action, in which the AAW
Board fired Mary Lacer. This action was considered somewhat controversial.

Leo Hapeman was our featured demonstrator, and provided an excellent demonstration of eccentric turning
using the Axminster Chuck. He turned a miniature "Bird Apartment Complex". Pictures of his work can be
seen in the accompanying photographs!

See you at 4th Saturday!
Show & Tell
Bill Hamilton
Frank Gorishek
Harold Stoner
Kip Powers
Kip Powers
Kip Powers
Leo Hapeman
Mark Ost
William Moore
Mike Rodda
Mike Rodda
Paul Moore
Thermon Crocker
Leo is shown setting up and then turning his eccentric piece. If he keeps adding to his unique tools and jigs, he
might challenge Mark for the title of "toolsmith"!
An excellent turnout!