Stateline Woodturners
June, 2011 4th Saturday Meeting
The summer heat must be getting to us...we had a rather light turnout of
about 18 members!

Russ Merkel provided an outstanding description and demonstration of the
use of the skew. His expertise was well appreciated.

Mick Hutchinson demonstrated turning of a Christmas ornament, followed
by Roy Drake as he also was given the opportunity to turn one.

Mark Ost demonstrated tool sharpening techniques.

We did sell many of Paul Pumphrey's tools. He still has a 1224 oneway
lathe for sale for $800, plus an old Shopsmith with bandsaw. There are
still a number of Paul's tools still available for sale. Contact Mark Ost for

Pictures of the activities, courtesy of Mark Ost, follow.
Russ demonstrating use of
the skew.
Some fine (in both senses
of the word) work.
Mick works on his ornament.
Show and tell items. Looks like Mick has combined his "moon"
decor with some offset turning! Those are some nice spoons
and boots!!