Stateline Woodturners
May, 2009 4th Saturday Meeting
4th Saturday was busy, as usual. Tom Gilge demonstrated pen finishing techniques;
Kurt Bird demonstrated bowl turning; and Mick Hutchinson demonstrated
construction of a sled for cutting segments for 8 sided pieces.

The following pictures are courtesy of Mark Ost, our every 4th Saturday Host!!!

The sled will be available at Mark's shop for all club members use!
Some of the Show and Tell Items
Notice the beautiful carving on the
neck of this dulcimer!
Tom Gilge & Ron East are  having a
serious discussion!
Mick Hutchinson gets set up to make
final adjustments on his "sled".
You typically have to cut several sets
of segments, making minute
adjustments between sets before you
achieve the perfect no-gap angle!
Looks like Jim King is trying to get in
his two cents worth!
The proof is in the gap-less fit!!!
Kurt has observers of all ages!
Harold and Kip must have seen
something funny out on the water!