Stateline Woodturners
May 2008 4th Saturday Meeting
We had a great crowd at Mark Ost’s this past Saturday. On behalf of all of the club
members, thanks to Mark for his role in hosting these learning experiences, and
the chance to use tools we might not have, and enjoy the opportunity to learn from
those who have greater experience with the many aspects of woodturning.

There were a number of demos going on, including Dee Schroeder doing deep
hollowing; Dave Strickland conducted a lesson in buffing and final prep; Mark Ost
showed some thread cutting techniques; Harold Stoner doing thin wall turning; and
Kip Powers showing the art of shear scraping.

While we were there, Mark’s tree service man came by with two huge red oak
slabs with some amazing figure in them, as well as some box elder logs with and
without the red flame. All of this material will be cut into generous sections, and are
available to club members for $20 each, donated to the club treasury. We will let
you know when they are cut up, and we will bring some to the club raffles as well.

See you on June 7 for Mike Mahoney’s demo. Remember, this will serve as our
club meeting for June.

Mark is going to have to put in a
multilevel parking garage if the crowd
keeps growing!
Harold is working away on that
piece of hard oak.
I guess you have to have a
rubberneck to see exactly
what is taking place on the
Dave explains his buffing
Mike Rodda shows off some
interesting peppermills.
Kip Powers turns some really
large objects!
A sample of some of the "show
and tell" items.
Everyone looks very seriously
interested in Dave's
explanation of his buffing