Stateline Woodturners
May, 2008 Meeting
I would personally like to thank everyone for their patience. I know these business meetings have been taking more time, but we
are busier than ever these days, which is a good thing, I believe. And welcome to the new members, Leo Hapeman, and L.H.

Everyone seemed to be pleased with the Collaborative Challenge piece, which was on display, about 98% finished. Just a couple
of little things to do, and it will be ready for Richmond . The club really got together behind the piece, and everyone’s contribution
is appreciated. Please remember to turn a few tops before the next meeting so that we can contribute a lot to the cause.

IMPORTANT: Mike Mahoney will be here June 7, 8 & 9. There will not be a 2nd Saturday meeting next month due to Mike ’s visit.  
For club members, the demo is no charge, but you will be responsible for your own lunch, which we will work out with the Jones
Center cafeteria. For non-members, the demo fee is $30, or you can join the club for $30. The hands on classes on Sunday and
Monday are $140 per student per day, which includes lunch. Eight spots are currently filled, but we can handle 5 to 6 each day
over the two day period. Please get your fees in ASAP, to lock in your spot, and so that we know where we are on this. Each class
attendee will have to provide two bowl blanks, side grain, 7-8”x3” for the two Jet mini lathes, or 12”x4 0r 5” for the larger lathes.
Please bring your own bowl gouges and scrapers, although a few extra tools will be available. For those wishing to do some hollow
forms, please bring your own hollowing tools, as well.

The Step It Up raffle was very well received. Mick Hutchison generously donated a Norfolk Island Pine bowl, very pretty, and the
raffle raised $75 for the club treasury. Art Duell was the lucky winner! Thanks again to Mick, and we look forward to seeing the
piece Mark Ost will bring for the July meeting. Anyone wishing to donate a piece for a future meeting, please contact Kurt Bird.

Billy McClane volunteered to take care of the Rogers Activity Center display case. Please make an effort to provide some pieces
to Billy to stock the case.

Carroll Jones’ nephew, Mr. Tom Farrell of Texas , provided the demonstration on metal spinning. Some of the pieces he has done
have combined both metal spinning and woodturning, two natural partners, and the results are gorgeous! Kip, Arthur and Jim were
able to get in some hands on before we had to adjourn the meeting.  We have some of the handouts left for anyone that didn’t get
some, and extend our thanks to Tom for a very enlightening demo.

Contact Kurt Bird with any auction items that you wish to have included, or any tools that you would like to sell. We need to
generate a number of items to sell to make this a success. There were about 5 or 6 individuals who volunteered to help with the
auction, including contacting some suppliers for donations to the auction. Please help in any way you can, and we can make the
auction a success for the benefit of the club.

See you at 4th Saturday.
Show & Tell
Harold Stoner
Harold Stoner
Harold Stoner
Kurt Bird
Kip Powers
Kip Powers
Kip Powers
Kip Powers
Mick Hutchinson
Mick Hutchinson
Mick Hutchinson
Mick Hutchinson
Thermon Crocker
Thermon Crocker
Thermon Crocker
Mark Ost
Mike Rodda
Roy Radschweit
Thermon Crocker
Every year, in conjunction with the AAW National Symposium, AAW chapters are
encouraged to submit a collaborative work created by as many chapter members as
possible. Attendees at the symposium are invited to select, by ballot, their choice for Best
in Show, and a favorite piece in each of three categories: Artistic, Mechanical/Technical,
and Fantasy. This year, the Stateline Woodturners created a piece entitled “Harvesting
Tops for Tots”, working off of an ongoing theme of giving back to the community, and
making toys for children. The photo posted here is of that piece. Congratulations to all of
the club participants!
Program Activities
Tom Farrell shows us the technique
of metal spinning!
Art Duell tries his hand under the
able direction of Tom.
Ditto for Jim King!