May, 2016 Meeting
The May meeting of Stateline Woodturners was called to order at 9AM on Saturday, May 14, 2016,
by Ben Johnson, Vice President.

We had no guests or new members.

A report was made on the recent demonstration and hands-on training by Trent Bosch.  The
treasurer reported that after offsetting monies raised, the 3 days with a nationally-recognized trainer
cost the club just over $800.  Everyone who participated agreed that the training was excellent and
well worth the money.

Ron East reported on a day of successful woodturning demonstrations at Compton Gardens annual
event in April.  He reported a good flow of visitors to the booth all day long, and that members were
successful in selling some of their pieces.  It was discussed that we need to find more opportunities
such as this to advertise the club to the general public.  Dan McKinzie mentioned the Ozark Empire
Fair in July-August.  A suggestion was made that Farmers’ Markets might offer a place to showcase
our club.

A sign-up sheet for demonstrators at the 2nd Saturday and 4th Saturday meetings was passed
around.  We still need a demonstrator for the July 9th meeting, as well as demonstrators for all 4th
Saturday meetings in Pineville MO.

An announcement was made that we need more people cross-trained in running are A-V equipment
and photographing members’ works.

Discussion was had concerning finding economical resources for members such as Hartfield Tools’
offer of a 15% discount to club members.

We discussed the need for the club to find more community service opportunities such as donating
items for fund-raising or making items for disadvantaged people.

Members were asked to bring pieces for display in the cases shared with the woodcarvers at the
Rogers Museum Annex to the June 11th meeting.  Each piece should be accompanied by a brief
description of the piece including the turner’s contact information.

The following members presented some of the work for Show-n-Tell: Ron East, Gerald Krogman,
Verlie Coss, Natalie Garrison, Mike Gregg, Meil Boleyn, Bruce Reed, Sam McKenzie, Bob Anastasi,
Bob Bumgardner, Dan McKinzie.
The winners were Verlie Coss in “Advanced” for his large segmented vessel and Gerald Krogman in
“Novice” for his lidded vessel.  These two gentlemen will be our judges for the June meeting.

The following people won items in the Bring-Back Raffle: Gerald Krogman, Bob Schmitz, John
Harris, Ron East, Mike Grigg, Natalie Garrison, Gary Olerud, Bruce Reed, Ben Johnson.

Buzz Peine, a club member, demonstrated his method of hollowing a largers vessel using video
equipment.  Several members had an opportunity to try out the equipment.  Thanks go to Buzz for
volunteering to demonstrate.

The back of the room will be set up in the future with areas for sale items and items being given
away, as well as an area for items brought for the Bring-Back Raffle.

We still have some 2016 calendars available if you have a public place you can display these and
showcase our members’ work.

Our June 11th demonstrator will be Dan McKinzie, showing his method for vinyl resist layering.
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Bob Anastasi
Bob Anastasi
Bob Anastasi
Bob Anastasi
Bob Bumgardner
Bruce Reed
Bruce Reed
Bruce Reed
Dan McKinzie
Dan McKinzie
Dan McKinzie
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Gerry Krogman
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Gary Olerud
Gary Olerud
Gary Olerud
Gary Olerud
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