Stateline Woodturners
April Newsletter
Stateline Woodturners
April, 2007

The program for the March meeting consisted of demos and hands-on work by various
members related to tool use and sharpening techniques.

Our program for the April 14th meeting will feature two professors from the University of
Arkansas Art Department who will discuss “form” as it relates to art and woodturning.
The guest speakers are Bethany Springer and an associate. Members are encouraged to
bring pieces of their work, as our guest speakers have agreed to critique the club
member’s pieces.

Remember, the April meeting will extend into the afternoon with demonstrations of
woodturning open to the public. Members are encouraged to support this effort by
“sticking around” to act as tour guides and to answer questions from the public. We
hope to generate interest in our plans to offer woodturning classes at the Jones Center
starting in the June time frame. We are also soliciting your help in bringing lots of “Show
and Tell” items for display throughout the day during our “Open House” activities.

Your Board has been working to establish the criteria and plans for the classes to be
offered to the public. The following are highlights of the classes:
-Class size up to eight people
-Classes to start in early June
-Basic class of 4 weeks, one meeting per week
-Age limit..10 years old or older
-Add an “advanced class” based on demand

Another reminder, we are still collecting turned toy items for that project. Ray Weddell
would really appreciate some help in providing these items to Andy Hilton for

See you on the 14th!