April, 2015 Meeting
Thanks to everyone that attended the meeting on Saturday, April 11.  We had a very good
attendance including three new visitors, Darryl Descourovez (Afton, OK), Dave Mersky
(Springdale) and Brent Snyder (Siloam Springs).  We look forward to seeing these
gentlemen at our future 2nd and 4th Saturday meetings.

The club has purchased a liability policy from The Hartford Insurance company that covers
members of the club when participating in club related activities (meetings, demonstrations,
etc.) including club approved activities at private locations.

The club will be demonstrating at Compton Gardens in Bentonville on Saturday, May 2 from
9:00 AM until approximately 1:00 PM.  If you have not already signed up to volunteer for this
demo and would like to join us please contact Les Brandt.  Also, we are asking that any club
member that would like to donate an item(s), that would be offered for sale to the public with
the proceeds going to the club, please let Les know.  Any item donated should be priced by
the member donating the item.  If the item does not sell it would be returned to the owner.

It was announced this week that the 2017 AAW Symposium will be held in Kansas City,
Missouri.  The 2016 AAW Symposium is scheduled for Atlanta.

Last week Gary Olerud and Ron East visited The Rose Wood Shop in Ash Grove, Missouri.  
The shop is located at the Halltown Exit 58 off of I-44.  This exit is approximately 12 -15
miles west of Springfield, Missouri.  Mike Pyeatt, the owner, was kind enough to donate
some wood to the club, items we had out for the Bring Back Raffle Saturday.  Mike has a
large inventory of woods if anyone is interested, including turning stock, burls, and flat
stock.  The telephone number is 417-749-3086 and the website address is

We were glad to have Mick Hutchinson back from his annual visit to Florida.  Mick, as he did
last summer, has again offered to do a class on segmented turning.  A signup sheet was
passed around and a number of members showed an interest in this class.  Mick has the list
and will be providing additional information on the class time, location, etc. to those that
signed up. I took the class last summer and benefited greatly from attending.  Mick is an
excellent mentor.

Show and Tell winners this month were Gary Olerud (Advanced Award) for a segmented
peppermill and Bob Maxwell (Novice Award) for a lamp.  Next month Gary and Bob will be
the judges to select the May Show and Tell winners.

Dr. Pen Wimbush said during the meeting that they have put their home in Fayetteville on
the market and they plan on returning to their home in Colorado.  Pen had a supply of wood
with him at the meeting on Saturday and said he has more at his home in Fayetteville and
does not want to move it back to Colorado with him.  If you are interested in obtaining some
of this wood you can contact Pen at "pen@prwimbush.com".

Greg Thomas was our guest demonstrator for the meeting on Saturday.  Greg, a former
member of the club, did a excellent,  informative demonstration on the freehand techniques
of turning of a sphere.  His demonstration included showing how he uses a number or jigs
he has made to hold the spheres in place while doing the turning.  

We will be having our 4th Saturday Meeting at Dr. Mark's shop in Pineville on Saturday, April
25th.  If anyone has any things they would like demonstrated or if they would like to do a
demonstration please contact Les Brandt and let him know.

Bob Maxwell, winner of the Novice Award, this month is looking for a mentor.  Bob lives in
the Springdale area.  If you can work with Bob please talk with him at the next meeting.  
Also, anyone other members of the club looking for a mentor please let it be known at the
next meeting.

The club has purchased a large plum burl which we will raffle off at a future meeting.

See you at 4th Saturday.
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