Stateline Woodturners
April, 2011 Meeting
Our April, 2011 meeting was held at Jerry Crowe's shop, "Unique Turnings" in Cassville, Missouri. Jerry
demonstrated his complete process for turning his beautiful bowls, from selection and cutting of the burls,
to applying and buffing the finish.

Prior to Jerry's demonstration, a short business meeting was held. Dave Strickland's hollow form was
selected as the piece the club will sponsor for the national AAW meeting. Congratulations, Dave!

Jerry selects his burls from rough cut burls provided mostly from local loggers. He decides how the burl
should best be cut into blocks, from which he saws his turning blanks. The blocks are coated with paraffin
to inhibit cracks due to the burl drying too rapidly. The predominant demand is for natural edge hollow form,
so the blanks are cut to permit rough turning and hollowing to produce a rough turned form with a natural
edge. This rough turned hollow form is about 1" thick, and is then coated with paraffin and placed on a rack
in a drying area for several months.

After the rough turnings have reached the desired moisture level, they are finish turned, cracks and
occlusions are filled with turquoise powder and CA glue. They are then finish sanded, signed and
numbered, and dipped in a custom blended finish. After several coats of finish have been applied, they are
buffed with carnauba wax. The finished piece is now ready to be shipped to the customer!

Many thanks to Jerry for his fine demonstration.

Pictures of the activities, courtesy of Mark Ost are shown below.

See you at 4th Saturday!
Dave Strickland's hollow
Kip's show and tell.
More show and tell.
Kim taking the wax off of a
rough turning.
Dave describing his hollow
form turning experience.
Jerry "attacking" a rough
More show and tell.
Jerry's shop.