Stateline Woodturners
March, 2012 4th Saturday
We had a busy 4th Saturday gathering at Mark Ost's shop in Pineville. Arthur Duell
explained the differences between the different species of deer antlers, and
precautions to be taken when turning this material. Mark Ost demonstrated several
different threading techniques, both manual and machine assisted. Hands-on
practice by members was encouraged. Doug Hyde demonstrated use of the carbide
tipped spindle roughing tool, and encouraged hands-on practice by those present.
Dee Schroeder demonstrated his large hollowing tool fixture. Mark Ost followed this
up with a demonstration of several different types of hand-held hollowing tools.
Pictures of these activities are shown below.
Arthur discussing deer antlers.
Arthur describing stabilization of
corn cobs prior to turning.
Mark demonstrating manual threading.
Doug demonstrating his roughing tool.
Mark and Roy Keeler trying out the
large hollowing jig.
Dee is demonstrating his hollowing setup.