Stateline Woodturners
March, 2008 Meeting

The March meeting was a busy one, with quite a bit of things going on. After welcoming our
visitors, Judy Hammond and L.H. Moore, we moved on to the many items of business. Remember,
Klingspor, Hartville Tool, and Craft Supplies all offer discounts to club members. In addition to
these, Mark Walters of Mark’s Machinery and More in Oklahoma , 479-461-5079, can offer good
pricing on all kinds of power tools, including Jet and Powermatic.

As stated in the meeting, Mike Mahoney will be coming June 7, 8, and 9 for a club demo and hands
on classes. The 7th will be the demo at the Jones Center , in a different room than we normally use.
Club members can attend for free, non-members for $30. The hands on classes on Sunday and
Monday are $140 per day and are filling up quickly. To reserve your spot, you must send a check to
Harold Stoner, and let David Morris know that you have paid the class fee. No spots will be
reserved without a payment.

The NWA Empty Bowls 2008 event will be held Nov. 11, 2008 in Fayetteville . The purpose is to raise
money for the Ozark Food Bank, and we have been asked to participate by turning some bowls
and donating them to the silent auction. Any bowls to be donated must be provided no later than
Nov. 1. In addition, for a $25 fee, you can attend the soup dinner supplied by 10 of the local
restaurants. All proceeds go to the Food Bank.

The Tool Auction will be held at such time as we have everyone’s list of items they wish to sell. Until
we have the lists, we cannot set a date, so please contact Kurt with a list. Any large items that may
be too costly to donate can be sold at the auction for a 25% fee to go to the club. We would like to
shoot for a July/August time frame, if possible.

The Collaborative Challenge project is proceeding nicely! Jim King is near completion on the
wagon, and Harold Stoner has finished the wheels. Please remember that we would like to donate
as many toys as possible at the symposium, and we are requesting that everyone in the club turn
at least 5 tops for donation and inclusion in the project. These should be done as soon as possible,
so that we have time to select the ones we need to install on the project. All tops should be at least
1 ½”  diameter for safety reasons.

The club demo was conducted by David Morris and included turning a honey dipper and a spurtle.
After the demo, a competition was held for the best overall piece. The donated random orbit sander
was won by Arthur Duell, based on his spurtle turned entirely with a roughing gouge. Great job, Art!

We look forward to seeing everyone at Mark Ost’s this Saturday.

Harold Stoner
Harold Stoner
Kurt Bird
Roger Valek
A good gathering, as usual!
David Morris demonstrating turning a spurtle.
And the turning race is on!!!
Arthur Duell (center) won the award for the best
spurtle, and it was turned with only a roughing gouge!