Stateline Woodturners
March, 2011 Meeting
Our March, 2011 meeting was an all-day affair, with guest turner Tom Irvin. Tom lives in Bellaire, Texas, and
has been turning professionally since the early 1980's. The main theme of Tom's program was the turning of
"containers". He demonstrated turning both friction fit lidded containers, and threaded lid containers using
corian inserts for the threads.

He also turned unusual, and beautiful, finials using the escoulen chuck.

Tom hosted hands-on classes at Mark Ost's shop on Sunday and Monday.

The Saturday demonstration and the classes were very interesting, informative, and instructional!

Many thanks to Tom for his time and effort!

Pictures of the activities, courtesy of Mark Ost, follow.

See you at 4th Saturday!
A large, interested crowd!
Tom Irven
Examples of Tom's work!
This "box" required much
carving time!
The black corian inserts are
clearly visible.
Tom finishing the bottom of
the box.
The mounted corian blank.
Truing up the corian blank.
Measuring the lid for the
corian insert.
Checking to insure parallel
Turning the corian ring.
Male and female
threaded inserts.
Finished box!
Turning the finial.
Finished box with finial.
Sunday's Class
Basic technique instruction!
Jim doing some hollowing.
William working on his lid.
David getting some
sharpening pointers (no
pun intended)!
Kip measuring his lid.
Kip turning a really nice
finial with his escoulen
Everyone is hard at work!
Safety first....dustfree!
Almeta is overjoyed!
Doug finishes the bottom of
his box.
Just one more tool and I'll
be there!
I knew I could do it!