March, 2017 Meeting
The meeting was called to order at 9AM by Ben Johnson, President.

The club welcomed our one guest, Joe Himes from the Springfield turners club.

Treasurer’s Report – money in the bank, $450 going out this month for our insurance.  
61paid members with 2 or 3 more expected.

Volunteers are needed for 4th Saturday demonstrations, help with the A-V setup at meetings
and someone to oversee the club's library.

Several members brought turned tops.  These are being collected We have been invited, for
the third year, to demonstrate at Compton Gardens in Bentonville during their during their
annual plant sale event.  The date is April 29th from 8 AM to 1PM.  Turners may also sell
their wares at this event.  For those of you who are interested, let me know ASAP and we
will put together a plan of action.

The Eureka Springs School of the Arts has made a request for sponsorships in their new
woodworking facility currently under construction.  Les Brandt is contacting other turning
clubs in the Arkansas-Missouri area about the possibility of joint sponsorship of one the the
school's Robust lathes.  More information as it becomes available.

We have a request from the Arkansas Council of the Blind to exhibit at their annual state
convention.  This year's convention is being held at the Hilton Garden Inns in Fayetteville.  
They are offering us two tables at no cost to display and sell pieces.  In return they only ask
for a small donation for their fund-raising auction on Saturday afternoon.  The vendor tables
will be open on Friday from 4 to 7 PM, and Saturday from 8 AM to 5PM.  If several of you
would like to sell stuff, but can't find the time, I will volunteer to man the tables for you and
collect money.    

Upcoming woodturning symposiums:
      AAW International Symposium – 6/22-25 in Kansas City MO
      SWAT – August 25-27 in Waco TX
      Rocky Mountain Symposium – 9/15-17 in Loveland CO

We are wanting to offer club members clothing items, shirts, caps, etc., with the  SWTA logo
embroidered thereon.  Ron East will contact lady who did them 3 years ago and come up
with a price list.

The Bank of Fayetteville offers its lobby to local artists for displaying their goods, including
prices, without collecting a commission.  The current year is booked, but we are looking
forward to participating in 2018. Michael Guidry is our contact for this.

We have been contacted by the guys that brought some burls to a 4th Saturday meeting in
Pineville and offered them for sale to members.  They currently have some cherry burls
available, weighing from 20 to over 100 pounds.  If you are interested, contact Chad Jordan
at 417-456-9713 or email at

Safety Concerns – Les presented a bowl that showed the catastrophic failure of a dovetailed
tenon under compression when the piece catches on a chisel.

Show-n-Tell – (photograph before presenting):  We had a full slate of people showing their
works, including a great response to the President's Challenge to turn a bowl.  Many of
these were loaned to Gerald Krogman for display in the museum in Rogers.  Many were also
donated to the “Empty Bowls” project.  Thanks to all those who participated.  A list of
participants is included in this summary.  If your name should be on the list, email me and let
me know.

Those participating in the President's Challenge for March were Kim Kenney, Bob Schmitz,
Steve Golden, Jim King, Kip Powers, Buzz Peine, Les Brandt, Bob Anastazi, Larry Copas,
Ken Miller, Denny Frieze, Roger Marvin, Paul Moore, and others I'm sure I failed to write
down.  Let me know if you should be on this list.

In our Advanced category, judged by Kim Kenney, our winner was Les Brandt for his “Ninja
Turtle” bowl.  In the Novice category, judged by Ron East, our winner was Ken Ness for his
lidded box from scrap he almost threw away.

The Bring-Back Raffle had 13 items. Our winners were Gary Olerud, Bob Schmitz, John
Harris, Ben Johnson, Bruce Reed, Larry Copas, Gerald Krogman, Les Brandt, Verlie Coss,
Guy Braughler, Kip Powers, and Buzz Peine.  Remember, winners are expected to bring
items for next month's Bring-Back Raffle.

Randy Wright was this month's demonstrator.  He showed us the making of a Woodturner's
Love Goblet. While the origin of these is lost in antiquity, 16th century turners would turn
these for their fair maidens as a token of undying love and devotion.  Representing the rings
of engagement and marriage, the number of rings would state the young turner's depth of
feelings for said maiden.  As a wedding goblet, the myth was that as long as the rings were
intact, so would be their love.  Randy not only showed a variety of styles, but also an
example of his skills in turning ringed goblets less than 1/2” tall!!  Amazing!

Personally, my thanks go out to all of you who help make our meetings such a success, from
bringing donuts and making the coffee, to hanging around and helping clean up after the
meeting.  Your help makes our meetings the high caliber events that they are.  Keep up the
good work!

Just a reminder, 4th Saturday is March 26th at the Ost shop in Pineville MO.  Our next
regular meeting is April 8th .  The President's Challenge for April is to turn an egg (in honor
of Easter).  Bring a Bring-Back item for our raffle.  Bring a guest.  Bring a Show-N-Tell item.  

Meanwhile, make some shavings!!

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Show & Tell
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Gary Olerud
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