Stateline Woodturners
March, 2012 Meeting
The demonstrator for our March meeting was Bill Koch. Bill demonstrated turning a vessel and
hollowing using a large hollowing jig attached to the lathe bed. He also showed how to embellish
the piece by cutting an opening in the side of the piece and then inserting copper wires. The
edges of the opening will later be burned with a torch to provide a more natural appearance.

The "Tops Project" received a boost from our contest to determine who could produce the most
tops and toy cars for the past month. These items are provided to hospitals and care facilities for
children and the elderly. Winner of the contest was Ron East, with 66 tops and cars. Russ
Merkel had 52, Bob Baumgartner 25, and Doug Hyde 17.

Kurt DeHeer will be our guest turner for the October meeting. This will be a full day event. There
will be workshops on the following Sunday and Monday at Mark Ost's shop for a cost of $75 per
person. Sunday's class will be targeted for beginners, and Monday's class for experienced

April's demonstrator will be Wayne Fur
r from Norman, OK.

The "advanced Turner award was won by Guy Braughler for his contributions, and the Novice
Award was won by Tomiva King.

Bring Back raffle winners were: Roy Keeler, Bob Schmitz, Pen Wimbush, Jim King, Ron East,
Sara Geurtz, Doug Hyde, Harold Stoner, and Mark Ost.

See you at 4th Saturday!
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Bob Anastasi
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