March, 2013 Meeting
Arthur Duell was our demonstrator for the March, 2013 meeting. Arthur demonstrated turning a
ball with integral pendent, which would accept small clock movements, round
thermometers/hygrometers, etc. Typically, these pieces would be suspended from a stand.
Arthur displayed such a stand, and described the process used to fabricate the curved arm and

Our April meeting will host a guest turner, and will be conducted in a larger room at the Jones
center. Current plans are to have classes at Mark Ost's shop the following Sunday and Monday,
if enough participants (12 total) sign up for the classes. As of the close of the meeting, we had
10 individuals signed up. If you are interested, but have not yet signed up, please contact Doug
Hyde or Roy Radschweit. The major technique to be covered is the use of "French Polish" as a

The members present at the meeting proposed and passed a rule that provides for a fine of
$2.00 for any cellphone ringing (or ringtone) that occurs during our meeting activities.

Unfortunately, "Show and Tell" photographs are not available for the March meeting due to
technical issues.

See you on 4th Saturday at Mark Ost's.
Stateline Woodturners