Stateline Woodturners
February, 2009 4th Saturday
Hi Everyone,

We had another good crowd at Mark Ost's February 28th. Lots of
activities and food. Many thanks to David Katz' wife for the meatballs!
They were excellent!

There was plenty of activity with the demos. I did one on hollowing tools,
including the Kel McNaughton large and medium, as well as the David
Ellsworth. Kip Powers  demonstrated bowl turning, and Harold Stoner
showed a number of folks how to sharpen their tools. And Mark spent
some time showing some techniques to use on finials.

We currently have quite a bit of wood available at Mark's including some
Manzanita, some large oak burl, and some walnut as well. See Mark for
the cost on these items that contribute to our treasury.

We have a wonderful array of experience in our membership, and there is
always someone willing to demo on almost any woodturning topic you
wish. Just let us know what you would like to see!

See you all at the Jones Center on March 14th.

Kip demonstrates bowl turning.
Ron checks the finish on the
inside of this bowl.
Harold lends a hand at the
grinding wheel to give some
instruction on sharpening.