Stateline Woodturners
February 2010 4th Saturday
Our February, 2010 4th Saturday activities were not quite as well attended
as the January gathering, but we all learned a few new techniques.

Doug Hyde demonstrated, and provided hands-on instruction in the turning
of decorative  medallions.

Harold Stoner demonstrated turning relatively large, flat lidded boxes for
holding awards, such as medals awarded for service to our country.

Kip Powers demonstrated turning a platter.

Jim King turned a small finial.

Tom Gilge provided useful information on the selection of pen making

Pictures of the activities, courtesy of Mark Ost, follow.
Tom is talking about pen-making.
Harold sure looks serious!
Show & Tell Items!
"OK, let's see if I remember how to
do this!"
It takes really good lighting to do
this correctly.
It is taking shape!
Looking good!!!
It takes a really hefty scraper to
smooth out the variations in a
Doug discusses the finer points of
turning the medallion.
You must keep your tools sharp!!
Well, here goes finial number two.
Well, it is starting to look kinda like
a finial!