Stateline Woodturners
February, 2008
Hi Everyone,

Well, it’s been a busy couple of weeks since the last meeting. 4th Saturday at Mark Ost’s was
well attended despite the threat of inclement weather. And it was a busy day, with demos by
Art Duell (spindle turning tools), Tom Gilge (pen turning), myself (small bowls and termite tool),
as well as various other discussions that were ongoing throughout.

The tool making demo last week, conducted by Andy Hilton, was excellent, judging from the
comments from everyone. Andy spent a considerable amount of time explaining what we
would be doing, and why, and we proceeded from there. Almost everyone made a hook tool
from a round concrete nail, and many were able to also make a full sized tool from drill rod. The
work with the forges, the heat treating, and the tempering were new experiences for many, but
gave everyone a new appreciation for the work involved. Some of the attendees were also able
to make a tri-tip tool as well. Thanks to Andy for a great demo.

This Saturday’s club meeting will include discussions about the Collaborative Challenge
piece. It is progressing nicely, with some of the preliminary work being nearly completed. Hope
you have all begun turning your tops to contribute! We would like to be able to give extra toys
to the Symposium along with our submittal, so don’t be bashful about making as many as you

Please remember to bring some of your turnings to display at the Rogers Activity Center so
that we can include some new items for the next month or two. These items are our way of
being part of the community, and let them see some of our activities.

Plans are going forward for the Auction, so please remember to either email me or bring your
list of items, along with suggested selling prices, to the meeting. Once we get an idea of how
much we have to sell, we can start to lock down a date for the sale.

The Mike Mahoney hands on classes are starting to fill up, so please get your fee paid to
Harold Stoner as quickly as possible to reserve your spot in one of the classes.

Will see everyone on Saturday!

Kurt Bird

Stateline Woodturners