Stateline Woodturners
February, 2010 Meeting
Our February meeting was an all day schedule to accommodate our guest turner, Jamie Donaldson.

We had an excellent turnout, including several visitors from other clubs.

Jamie demonstrated turning various configurations of square bowls. At the lunch break, we gathered for
lunch at the Jones Center snack bar area. Following lunch, Jamie demonstrated turning another variation of
the square bowl series.

Hands-on classes were conducted at Mark Ost's shop on the following Sunday and Monday. The following
are pictures
of the activities, courtesy of Mark Ost.

See you at 4th Saturday!
Nice crowd!
Jamie explains what he will demonstrate.
The tailstock must be tightened
well against the stock!
Be careful of aberations in the
And, off we go!!
Cutting wood and air!
Now we reverse the blank and use
a "universal joint"
Cutting using the ghost image!
The bottom of the piece should
have a slight chamfer.
Checking for uniform thickness.
Lunch break!
Another style piece-four legs!
Examples of Jamie's work!
Monday's Class
Checking tool sharpness and
Touching up the tools on the
grinding wheel.
Demonstrating the project turning.
There is that ghost image again.
Kip looks a little perplexed!
Making shavings!
Ron's cutting away at that blank.
Frank is making chips fly, also.
Doug has a fine looking piece
Kip has plenty of light!
Sunday's Class
Hard at work?
Photo booth setup.
Explaining lighting techniques for
photographing pieces.
More tool sharpening lessons!
Do you all get the point?