Stateline Woodturners
January, 2012 4th Saturday
We started out 2012 with an excellent turnout for our 4th Saturday gathering at
Dr. Mark Ost's shop in Pineville, MO.

We had several potential new members in attendance for this meeting. This
venue has served us well in fostering interest among those interested in
woodturning, but have not recently been active in the hobby.

Demonstrator's at this meeting were:

-Leo Hapeman demonstrated turning a pewter foot on a bowl.

-Russ Merkel demonstrated the correct turning techniques to be used for various
tools and wood orientations.

-Les Brandt demonstrated the use of carving tools for embellishing turnings,
including the use of a reciprocating power carving tool.

-Paul Moore demonstrated the use of a skew, and provided hands-on instruction
to various attendees.

The following are pictures of some of the activities.