Stateline Woodturners
January, 2009 Meeting
Our January 2009 meeting was very well attended (standing room only except for the additional folding

We had lots of pieces for the "Show and Tell" portion of the meeting (see below). The award for "Best of
Show", Advanced category, was won by Kurt Bird for his "Inside Out" turning in Cherry Burl. Nophachai
Cholthitchanta won the Novice category for his practice turning of a clarinet. Nophachai intends to complete
the entire instrument, including metal parts, and in the final exotic wood, in about three years!

Mark Ost provided the lesson on "Safety", describing a rather unfortunate recent personal experience with a
table saw which "launched" a piece of wood into his forearm! Many of the members have experienced the
same type of phenomenon with their table saws. This one of the most common accidents experienced by
our members!

Kip Powers provided two pieces for the $5 raffle, allowing the winner to select one of the two. Tom Galbraith
won, and selected the beautiful cherry burl, natural edge bowl.

Andy Hilton provided the program. He demonstrated how to turn drinking straws with a 1/4 " inner diameter.
As could be expected, this feat required some special fixtures and techniques (see the pictures below).
He also demonstrated the technique for turning "tremblers", with very small diameter (1/16") shafts! This
technique made use of "string steadyrests".

See you all at 4th Saturday!!
Show and Tell
Bob Schmitz
Doug Hyde
Doug Hyde
Doug Hyde
Hayes Copeland
Harold Stoner
Harold Stoner
Harold Stoner
Kurt Bird
Kurt Bird
Kip Powers
Leo Hapeman
Leo Hapeman
Leo Hapeman
Leo Hapeman
Mark Ost
Andy turning down the diameter of the
straw on his special fixture.
Two types of drill bits used to drill the long
hole in the blank prior to turning.
Two wood blanks before
turning, and two completed
A trembler balanced on top of the lathe.
A string steadyrest used to support a trembler
during turning.