Stateline Woodturners
January, 2008 Meeting

The January meeting at the Jones Center was well attended, even requiring some
folding chairs to accommodate the crowd.

Ron East ably chaired the meeting in Kurt's absence.

We discussed the possibilities of conducting an auction, and several other activities,
with the purpose of raising funds for our treasury so that we can sponsor at least two
nationally recognized turners per year for demonstrations and classes. The club
Board of Directors will put together several concrete proposals to be presented to
the membership.

Kip Powers, our librarian asked that members check their workshops, libraries, etc.,
for any club tapes, DVD's, or publications. We need to bring our inventories up to
date so that all members can share in the materials. Also, if anyone has materials
that they could donate to the club library, Kip would be delighted to take these off of
your hands!

Doug Hyde brought lots of blanks to be used for turning tops. These were provided
as raffle prizes with the understanding that they would be returned as finished tops!!

David Evans won the Novice turner's award, and Harold Stoner won in the
"Advanced" category. Congratulations to both members!!

Donna Whittle provided a demonstration of bowl finishing using a vacuum chuck on
the Jet mini-lathe. Following the demonstration, there was a lively discussion on the
subject of vacuum pumps.....sources, types, do's and dont's, etc.

The 4th Saturday meeting at Mark Ost's shop will feature a session on tool making
by Andy Hilton. There will also be demos/sessions by our club members.
David Evans
David Evans
Doug Hyde
Doug Hyde
Doug Hyde
Doug Hyde
Harold Stoner
Harold Stoner
Harold Stoner
Mark Ost
Mark Ost
Roy Radscheweit
Nice Group!