January, 2018 Meeting
Call to order by Ben Johnson and Pledge of Allegiance
Welcome & Introduction of Guests
     Danny & Ashley Prejoles – new members
     Ray Vega
     Derrick Cotton – new member
     Al (didn't catch last name)
     Joe Fernandez
Judges for Show-N-Tell will be Ray Taylor and Kim Kenney (filling in for Kip Powers).  We briefly reviewed requirements for Show-n-tell
participation as Novice or Advanced.  We also covered suggestions for Bring Back Raffle items.

Treasurer’s Report – approx $5800 in bank, dues are coming in.

Ray Taylor is continuing to look for inexpensive site developer.  Our facebook page is generating traffic.  Jim King continues to update and
maintain our website.

We had an anonymous donation of $500 from one of our members.  Members are encouraged to remember the club in their Estate planning.

We have had some discussion on doing charitable Work as a non-profit.  To that end, Gerald Krogman is taking a lead on involving the club in
the Empty Bowls project.  Additionally, members are encouraged to make tops, which we are collecting with the intent of finding an
appropriate charitable place for them.

We continue to have a shared display in Rogers Museum Annex with the woodcarvers club.  It needs to have turned pieces on a rotating
basis.  Any member willing to display their work should contact Gerald Krogman.

Michael Guidry is the lead person on an opportunity to display/sell items at Bank of Fayetteville on the square in May.  Turners may sell items
without having to pay a “finders fee” or commission.

The Arkansas Council of the Blind will have it's annual convention in Fayetteville on April 27th-29th.  We have been offered free display space
in their vendors' hall to sell turned items.  See Ben Johnson if interested in participating.

Safety Concerns – Gary Olerud told of a problem with a piece of embedded wood from spinning accident that wasn't immediately noticeable.

The December meeting was the club's annual Christmas party.  We have 42 people in attendance.  Over 20 handmade items were exchanged
in the gift exchange this year.  Additionally, we auctioned off the three demonstration pieces made by Keith Gotschall and a $50 gift certificate
from Carter and Sons.  We also had a door prize raffle this year which was fun for everyone.  

Voting was held this morning for two awards; The John Cunningham Award for Turner of the Year – Advance category, and The Mark Ost
Award for Turner of the Year – Novice category.  Candidates are those who have won one or more monthly awards during the past calendar
year.  Winners will be announced at the February meeting.

Kip Powers was the winner in the drawing for the $150 gift certificate prize for the 2017 President's Challenge participants.

Ben Johnson announced the 2018 President's Challenge, providing a handout of the monthly challenges.  (Attached at the end of this report)

4th Saturday meeting locations will begin to held on a rotating basis between Pineville OK, Eureka Springs AR (ESSA) and local members'

Show-n-Tell – we had a lot of people participating in Show-n-Tell.  This month's winners were Gary Olerud for Advanced and Ron King for

Bring-Back Raffle winners – John Harris, Teresa Hatch, Gerald Korgman, Glen Hendrickson (2x) Les Brandt, Bruce Reed, Dave Boxx, Bob
Schmitz, Gayle Williams, Ben Johnson, Kim Kenney, Verlie Coss (2x), Frank Gorishek, Thurman Hatch, Gary Olerud, Buzz Peine, Guy
Braughler, Donnie Elliot, Danny Prejoles, Larry Copas, Derrick Cotton, Dan McKinzie, Ray Taylor, Ron King

Club member, and current Vice-President, Ray Taylor presented a demonstration on how to make a Carved Rim Cherry Platter.

Our next meeting will be the 4th Saturday meeting at the Pineville OK.  The next regular club meeting will be February 10th at the current
meeting location.
Stateline Woodturners
Show & Tell
Bob Anastasi
Bob Anastasi
Bruce Reed
Bruce Reed
Bruce Reed
Donnie Elliott
Glen Hendricks
Glen Hendricks
Glen Hendricks
Gerold Krogman
Gerald Krogman
Gary Olerud
Gary Olerud
Gary Olerud
Gary Olerud
Jim Swank
Ken Miller
Ken Miller
Ken Miller
Ken Miller
Ken Miller
Ken Miller
Larry Copas
Larry Copas
Ron King
Roger Marvin
Ray Taylor
Ray Taylor
Randy Wright
Randy Wright
Verlie Coss
Verlie Coss
President's Challenge for 2018
For 2018 we are continuing the “President's Challenge,” a club-wide monthly turning challenge.  Each month will have a specific theme.  To quality, you must bring
the item to that month's show-n-tell. These do not have to be your best work, or even particularly good.  The goal is to get out in your shop and turn something, as
well as to try things you might not normally turn.  This year we are adding an “Iron Man” factor to the challenge.  At the annual Christmas party in December all
those who participate in the President's Challenge will be eligible for a prize in a random drawing.  Those with the highest level of participation will be given special
recognition and a special prize.  

JANUARY - “Leave the Sand at the Beach” - Make an item and present it having not sanded it.  Smooth it with a sharp tool.  Show off those smoothing final cuts

FEBRUARY – “A Place to Keep My Heart” - make a lidded box to hold the treasures of someone special.  Any shape, threaded or not, and size doesn't matter.

MARCH - “Going Out on a Limb” - yep, turn something from a limb and not the trunk.  Wood movement?  Deal with it.  The greener the better, let's see what

APRIL - “A Tisket, A Tasket, an Easter Egg Basket” - make a container that will hold an egg, whether it's an egg cup, a segmented basket, or whatever you can
dream up.  And remember, eggs come in all sizes.

MAY - “Platters Matter” - turn a plate, platter, saucer, plaque, etc.  Flat and round is what counts.

JUNE – “How Thin Can You Spin?” = Take your cutting skills to the limit and turn it extra thin, whether it's a bowl, hollow form, platter, finial or what-have-you.

JULY – “Getting Jiggy with It” - bring your favorite jig and share with the group.

AUGUST - “Square Pegs in Round Holes” - turn something that still looks square such as a square bowl, a square vase hollowed out, or use your imagination.

SEPTEMBER - “Be Captivating” - turn something with a captive ring.  Come on, you know you've been wanting to try this.

OCTOBER - “Cornucopia” - Thanksgiving is coming.  Make some fruit to fill the horn of plenty.

NOVEMBER - “Toys for Tots” - Get creative and make something for the children in your world, even if that child is you!  Tops, kaleidoscopes, yo-yos, kendamas, or
something with turned components.  As long as we can play with it, it counts.

DECEMBER – Club Christmas Party – We will be presenting “Iron Man” awards for those turners who have participated in the President's Challenge each month.  
Additionally, bring a turned piece for a silent auction to raise money for the club.