Stateline Woodturners
January, 2008 Newsletter
Stateline Wood
, 2008


There’s a few new things coming up that we should all know about. But first, thanks to all who
attended the Christmas Party at Mark Ost’s. Thanks to Mark and Carol for hosting the party,
and a Big thank you to the caterer, the food was excellent! The gift exchange was a lot of fun,
and Andy’s trembleur was a big hit.

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone in the club to bring their turnings at
every meeting. We know that many of you may worry that your piece is not as good as you
would like, or not as good as some of the better turners in the club. Please know that all of the
turners in the club were where you are at some point. They remember feeling the same way,
and all of them want to help anyone with their turnings. So bring them in and talk to the others
about what it was that made you make the piece that way, and what is it that could help you
make it more like what you had in mind. We are going to try to be more reliable about providing
both Novice and Advanced judging. In addition, it may be possible that we can start a Critique
of the submitted pieces by a different club member each time. The goal would be to show what
we like about each piece, and what we think makes some pieces strong in design, decoration,
execution, etc. Make your club work for you, and bring in your pieces!!!

We will be reviewing designs for a Collaborative piece for the June Symposium during the next
few weeks. If you have any ideas for the piece, please let one of the officers know right away,
so we can consider all of them.

During the meeting, some ideas will be discussed for ways we can raise funds for a second
National level turning demo this year. If you have any ideas, and I mean any, please let us
know so that we can make the best decision about how to generate some funds for our

Don’t forget that the 2008 membership dues need to be paid this month, preferably at Saturday’
s meeting. We need to get everyone paid up as quickly as possible.

We’ll see you Saturday!

Kurt Bird