January, 2015 Meeting
Our first meeting of 2015 was held on January 10th at the Jones Center.

For those members that did not complete and return the SLWT Member survey please send
them to Ron East via email or bring them back either to the next 4th Saturday meeting which
will be on January 24 or to the regular monthly meeting on February 14.  If for some reason
you did not receive a copy of the survey please let him know and he can email it to you.

The members of the club selected Les Brandt to receive the John Cunningham Advanced
Turner award and Charles Peek received the Mark Ost Novice Turner Award.  The Chris
Ost Award, which is selected by the president of the club, will be presented next month by
Paul Moore when he returns from his business trip to China.  These awards were all based
on activities during the 2014 calendar year.

A reminder to those who won an item from the bring-back raffle...don't forget to bring an item
to the February meeting!

In regard to the bring-back raffle, this was the first month that the club sold only one ticket
rather than six tickets for $5.00.  This new method was voted on and approved by the
members attending the October meeting.  There is a questions on the survey regarding the
bring-back raffle so if you are in favor of, our disagree with, how the raffle is being run
please so indicate.  The $5.00 for one ticket did make selling the tickets easier and definitely
sped up the process of selecting winning tickets but it seemed to me that the number of
members participating this time was less than in the past.  

There are still some members that have not paid their 2015 dues.  If you have not paid your
dues please send them to Roy Keeler, 9275 Larue Road, Rogers, AR 72756 or pay them at
the next meeting as they were actually due in November.  

Anyone that would like to volunteer to demonstrate at one of our future meetings, either 2nd
or 4th Saturdays, please contact Les Brandt.  I do not believe all of the demo spots are filled
for the year.  

Jeremy McCauley, one of our new members, presented his idea/plans to create a
website/business where any artisan in NWA can advertise their work and ship product that is
available.  The basic concept is that each artisan would have a bio and page where their
work would be displayed.  This would give viewers of the website an opportunity to see the
works of many artisans in one location.  Jeremy is in the early stages of developing this
project.  By a show of hands at the meeting a great deal of interest was shown.  Hope to
hear more from Jeremy at the next meeting on how he is progressing.  I would like to thank
him for presenting this to the club.

Arthur Duell was the demonstrator at the meeting.  As he always is, Arthur was very
entertaining and informative.  His presentation was on tangential wedge assembly.  You can
read about this in American Woodturner, Vol 29, No 4. Pictures of his demo are shown

We are planning on having our 4th Saturday meeting on January 24th at Dr. Mark's shop in
Pineville, MO.  Please plan to attend.  Les Brandt will be sending out additional information
on 4th Saturday.

Questions arose during the meeting regarding buffing/polishing of turned objects.  Gary
Olerud will be bringing his buffing system to the February meeting and members will be
encouraged to bring items they would like to buff/polish.  This will not be a demo as much as
it will be a hands on opportunity for members to learn the buffing process.  More info will be
sent out prior to the February meeting.

See you at 4th Saturday.
Stateline Woodturners