Welcome to the Stateline Woodturner's Web Site
Who Are We?

We are an affiliate member of The American Association of
Woodturners, and we are located in Northwest Arkansas. We draw
our membership from Northwest Arkansas, Northeast Oklahoma and
Southwest Missouri. We are an IRS approved 501(c)3 non-profit

What Do We Do?

Our members utilize natural resources to fashion creations such as
bowls, plates, hollow forms, goblets, candlesticks, peppermills,
saltshakers and other artistic forms. The raw materials typically come
from trees that have been damaged by the elements, or cleared from
land. Many of the creations also utilize exotic woods from all over the
globe. These creations ultimately end up in the hands of family and
friends, in galleries, or in the hands of art & craft fair patrons or
on-line customers. Some of the items are specifically commissioned
by customers for their personal collections. We also endeavor to
involve other members of the community in the woodturning craft.

Navigating Our Website

Our website has pages covering our activities, galleries of our
members' works, information regarding our club organization,
articles and tips pertaining to woodturning and links to other sites
related to woodturning and The American Association of
Woodturners. Links to these areas are provided in the pane on the
left of this page. Come on in and enjoy!

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Stateline Woodturners
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